Spirit Meets Strategy

Tamika Summer 2014 IMG_4806 Edit High ResDid you know… Success only flows when you love every moment of
your business.

Especially the marketing.


Because marketing is your path to calling in your kindred spirit clients. It needs to feel so juicy and aligned it sets your soul on fire or it just won’t work. 

The problem is that marketing just doesn’t feel good for most spirit-led entrepreneurs. It feels icky and salesy and so overwhelming and this creates a major block to creating the business you want.

You know the laws of the universe. Like attracts like. So when you feel drained, insincere or unclear trying on those one size fits all strategies those icky vibes put up a wall of resistance keeping you from those you’re meant to serve.

BUT when you step into clarity and learn to talk about your gifts in ways that feel pure and energizing, you effortlessly attract the awesome clients who have been waiting for you all along.

The good news is, you don’t have to wait any more.
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